PARKLAND PROPERTY SERVICES PTE LTD, established in 1982, is a pioneer in the property management business. We specialize in strata management of subdivided properties. As a Grade A accredited managing agent registered with the Building Administration Unit, Public Works Department, we are licensed to manage all types of strata properties irrespective of value, size, type and use. Grade A classification are accorded only to managing agents who are professional, qualified and have impeccable track records.

In April 1991 the Government in an unprecedented move, directly appointed PARKLAND PROPERTY SERVICES PTE LTD as the independent managing agent to manage and maintain a block of private apartments that was having problems. The appointment was gazetted on March 15 1991. The appointment reflects the high standards, quality competence and professional capabilities of our company.

The MARKETING DEPARTMENT was set up in 1986. Our niche market is in marketing of residential and conservation units. In 1994, PARKLAND initiated the exhibition sales of properties from Suzhou, Beijing and Xian, China. In 1995, sensing the slowdown in property market in Singapore, we extended our efforts towards marketing property from Malaysia specializing in corporate and investment sales. In 1996, PARKLAND divested its property management operations to an international property consultancy company to concentrate on its corporate and investment marketing. Currently, we are actively involved in retail, exhibition and corporate sales of properties in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia and China.

In 2002, PARKLAND is launching its new corporate logo and will reactivate its Asset, Property and Facility Management (APFM) Department. Our new logo, a pair of growing trees branching to cover the global network, is in line with environmental trends to work together to provide a better, greener and interactive property world for all international investors.

PARKLAND also has a panel of advisers who will give advice in their respective areas of expertise to further augment the strength of the management. Many of these advisors are prominent persons in their respective field of professional practice and value-add to the comprehensive range of services that our company provides.

In 2004, to rationalize operation, PARKLAND REAL ESTATE PTE LTD was set up to concentrate on all real estate marketing activities while PARKLAND PROPERTY SERVICES PTE LTD will continue to provide Asset Property Facility Management services to corporate and individual clients.